Interaction Design

For constructing forefront websites, it’s fundamental to have a creative interaction design. Understand the users’ behavior when they are surfing, the roads and the channels they take, allow us to create an ideal design for brands. At Epictrim, we have a specialist interaction design team that works entire projects, which involves working on brand marketing sites, corporate sites, envisioning, media sites and portals.

We Know our Stuff
We Know our Stuff

Quality over quantity

Interaction Design

Brand Marketing Sites

By creating interactive designs, where brands can show their benefits and attributes, it will allow users to remind and recognize brand’s personality in digital media.
Corporate Sites

The facilities that exist today for brands to have a global exposure on the network, does not mean that corporations also have their own digital space. At Epictrim, we design interactive, creative and forefront corporate websites that engage internal employees and users of the corporation.

We encourage brands to visualize how the campaign is going to be shown and displayed in order to look forward for perfection before starting the campaign.
Media Sites

Through the use of digital technology, we design interactive sites where users find multimedia content in order to engage them, which also ensure a fast, dynamic and interactive access to information.

By using forefront digital media, we achieve that brands take their users to another dimension providing them a more entertaining and fascinating way to receive information at the same time, which is a powerful virtual tool to achieve the engagement for users.

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