What we do 

Due to our experience, skills and high standards of quality in digital media, we’re able to offer forefront solutions that satisfy brands’ demand in the digital market. 25 years delivering the best service in the international market, ensures an excellent and efficient work in digital media.

We Know our Stuff
We Know our Stuff

Quality over quantity


Advertising and Branding

Brand positioning in digital media is essential for users’ engagement, and it can be achieved by working on digital brand awareness, digital brand identity, media planning, minisites and rich media.

By working on analytics, we help brands to measure traffic and popularity trends, which are extracted from a deep market research. We also work on measuring the success of every step of the campaign. So, working on analytics involves the use of campaign analytics, custom reporting, optimization and web analytics.

In order to offer a great interactive experience and to consolidate brand awareness, we work on an integrated development unique concept using custom content management, platforms and applications, and rich Internet Applications.
Digital Marketing

On these days, it’s essential to have a direct contact with users to strengthen brand’s position and reputation that is achieved by working on online PR, reputation management, search engine marketing (SEM), and social media.
Emerging Media

Presently, It’s not enough to create a marketing strategy on traditional media. Games, Interactive video, Mobiles, are the best way to inform and entertain users in digital environment.
Interaction Design

For constructing forefront websites, it’s fundamental to have a creative interaction design. Understand the users’ behavior when they are surfing, the roads and the channels they take, allow us to create an ideal design for brands. At Epictrim, we have a specialist interaction design team that works entire projects, which involves working on brand marketing sites, corporate sites, envisioning, media sites and portals.

Brands promote their sites by improving the visibility and afluence for a site through search engines, which involve the use of Paid Search and Search Engine Optimization.
Strategy and Planning

To detemine the success of a campaign implies to count with a creative strategy forward to define the appropiate communication towards the target audience. Account planning, audience engagement, brand strategy, customer insight, research, and segmentation, are important elements to create a brilliant and efficient marketing plan.

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